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Making a Chocolate Easter Bunny

Easter is mainly about Bunnies and Easter eggs. The most wonderful thing about Easter is that it is enjoyable both for kids as well for adults. If you are looking for ideas and Easter activities to make your Easter even more awesome, you can find one here. In this article, we will talk about Making a Chocolate Easter Bunny from scratch.

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Making a Chocolate Easter Bunny

Things you will need

  1.  Candy Melts or chocolate
  2. Rabbit mould
  3. Hundreds and thousands
  4. 30 centimetre length of Ribbon


  1. Melt the the Candy Melts
  2. Pour the melted Candy into the moulds (both halves)
  3. Remove air bubbles if any
  4. Apply one more layer of chocolate to spread evenly
  5. put the moulds into a fridge
  6. Bring the rabbit halves out and put them together, holding for at least 30 mins
  7. Design as you wish.

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