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Happy Republic Day! India

This is the 68th Indian republic day today on 26th January. This is the day when India was declared a republic, back in 1950. The day is celebrated to honor the freedom fighters and this great nation throughout the country.

The official republic day parade and celebration is held at Red fort, Nee Delhi. A foreign delegation is usually invited as the chief guest to honor the event.

Republic day is much more than just an event for India. It is the day that reminds us of the struggle our freedom fighter had to go through in order to gain this freedom for us. This is the day to honor and remember them. Those, who fought for us and those who are still fighting on our borders to protect us and the country. This is the day to remember those who didn’t get to return to their homes.

Here is a nice message dedicated to them and for every Indian out there

Patriotism is often questioned, scorned and misplaced.
Be patriotic anyway.
If you follow the rules of your country, you will be bullied by many and mocked by some.
Follow the rules anyway.
If you stand up for your rights, you will be attacked by conformists and backed by hypocrites.
Stand up for your rights anyway.
The years you spend, serving this land, will be forgotten overtime.
Serve your country anyway.
If you do your duties, some will dissuade you.
Do your duties anyway.
If you question the system, some will call you a traitor.
Question the system anyway.
Your hopes for the country will often be met with cynicism and apathy.
Hope for the best anyway.
Love with all your heart and it will never be enough.
Love your country anyway.
In the final analysis, it is between you and your motherland.
It was never between you and them anyway.
Happy Republic Day!

Indian Republic Day 2017 Images, Wishes, Messages and Quotes


Let every patriot be honoured,
Don’t let politics get in the way.
Without them, freedom would have died,
What they did, we can’t repay.
Happy Republic Day!

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.
Happy Republic Day.


Saluting India! Where each bud blooms in its true colours, where each day is celebration of unity, harmony and synthesis. Happy Republic Day!

Be the change you wish to see in the world and feel proud to be an Indian.
Happy Republic Day.


Freedom in mind, faith in words. Pride in our hearts and memories in our souls. Let’s salute the nation on Republic Day 2017.

A nation’s strength ultimately consists in what it can do on its own, and not in what it can borrow from others.
Happy Republic Day


Republic Day is the Time to Recall the Famous Vande Mataram, the chant that gave us the freedom. May the Indian spirit prosper forever. To remember is to cherish.

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