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Origin of Easter, Mystery Behind the Name

Easter is one of the most popular Christian festival and definitely, one of the most awaited holiday weekend of the year. The main reason of celebrating Easter is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, after being dead for two days. Easter is celebrated on a Sunday, two days after Good Friday. Easter is a festival of fun and enjoyment. Therefore, it is liked and celebrated not only by Christians, but everyone around the world.

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Most people know why the Easter is celebrated, but not many know why it is called Easter. What is the concept of Easter eggs and bunny. I mean, how can you associate Easter eggs with the resurrection of Jesus. Let’s see how.

To be honest, the term Easter has nothing to do with the death of resurrection of Jesus. That’s why most Churches celebrate this day as Resurrection Sunday instead of Easter Sunday. There are many stories about the possible origin of word “Easter.” According to a Myth, the term is associated with Eastre, the goddess of the spring and the Sunrise. The word Easter is said to be taken from the direction of the Sunrise, that is East. Eastre is also by some people believed an ancient synonym for spring.

There are many other stories, mostly myths about Easter that you can read all about on the internet. The thing is that people have by now accepted Easter Sunday to celebrate as the day when Jesus came back to life. We don’t care how and why.

Easter rabbit or bunny is considered a symbol of fertility or rebirth. The reason why it is associated with this day is because Jesus took a new birth on this day. The same is true for Easter eggs that are a symbol of new life. Easter egg is also sometimes associated with the Easter Goddess.

On this day, Children celebrate by decorating Easter eggs and playing various Easter games such as hiding Easter eggs and gifts baskets. May you enjoy this holiday the best.

Happy Easter Sunday!

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