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Easter Eggs, Easter Eggs Pictures, History, Basket

Easter eggs, Easter baskets, chocolate Easter eggs, Easter egg hunt, Easter eggs games, Easter eggs history, Easter egg tradition

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Easter eggs are especially decorated eggs that are used to celebrate Easter. If you are looking for some interesting ways to celebrate Easter 2017, Easter eggs can be useful for you. Easter eggs have both historical and festival meanings. They are commonly related with the Easter Bunny, who is represented as Easter symbol. The Easter bunny is said to carry Easter eggs in his Easter basket.

Easter eggs have a very special place in the Easter celebration. Children use eggs to play games by decorating Easter eggs, painting them, hiding and seeking, and many more.

Some common Easter egg celebration ideas include painting chicken eggs, chocolate eggs, plastic eggs, Easter eggs games, Easter egg hunt.

Easter eggs also have many traditional and historical values. They are in general considered the symbol of fertility, and rebirth. Use of painted and decorated eggs has been in tradition since thousands of years. Since the eggs are treated as a symbol of the resurrection, they were officially adopted as a symbol for Easter and the resurrection of Jesus.

Easter Egg Pictures

Enjoy your Easter with this beautiful collection of Easter egg pictures, photos, images, and wallpapers.

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Happy Easter 2017!

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