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Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny Pictures, Clipart, Origin

Easter bunny, Easter bunnies, Easter rabbit, the Easter bunny, Easter bunny tracker, Easter bunny origin, Easter bunny story

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The Easter Bunny or Easter rabbit is a fictional character usually symbolizes the meaning of Easter. The symbol usually involves a rabbit holding or bringing Easter eggs.

The origin of Easter bunny or Easter Hare comes from German Lutherans, where the Hare is said to be a judge, who determines whether children were good or not in behavior, similar to Santa Claus.

The Easter bunny usually carries Easter eggs and candy in his basket for children. Rabbits and hares said to have a special place in the Christian history and medieval art.

Easter day is celebrated with Easter bunnies and Easter eggs, Easter wishes, quotes, Easter gifts, parties, Easter games, etc.

Easter Bunny Pictures

Easter bunny pictures, Easter bunny clipart, Easter bunny images

You can find here a beautiful collection of Easter bunny pictures and images. You can also visit our articles for complete collection of Easter 2017 images.

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Easter rabbit

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Happy Easter 2017!

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