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Why and how do Christians celebrate Easter Sunday?

Easter Sunday is a Christian holiday that is celebrated by Christians all over the world. Easter is mainly celebrated as the day of the resurrection of the Jesus Christ, mostly by Christians. For other, it is a rare long holiday weekend that they can enjoy with family and kids playing Easter games.

Why do Christians celebrate Easter?

Jesus Christ was a Christian preacher and saint, who ultimately became the symbol of this religion. He is considered as the son of God or Messiah by most Christian and some other communities as well. Jesus Christ was said to be arrested and tried by the Romans, after which he was given the punishment of crucifixion.

It was a Friday when Jesus was crucified. The day is commonly known as Good Friday, after two days of which Jesus rose back to life. The day commonly known as the Easter Sunday is celebrated as the day of Resurrection. Christian all over the world celebrate the rebirth of their Lord Jesus.

How do Christians celebrate Easter?

Different people celebrate Easter holidays in different ways. For most people, the celebration lasts for four days, starting from Good Friday and ending on Easter Monday. Others celebrate it for one week, also known as Easter week. Some other Christians observe a 40-day period of spirituality, fasting and discipline, known as Lent.

Easter Sunday is celebrated by Christians by joining the prayers in the Churches with family and friends. After that, Easter feast is organized among friends and relatives. Children celebrate this day by participating in various Easter activities including Easter games, drawing, painting, etc. Easter eggs and Easter bunny are also main attraction of the Easter celebration.

Many people other than Christians also celebrate Easter holidays as this comes with a long holiday weekend and everyone is in the mood of fun.

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