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2017 Dates for Easter Sunday, Monday and Good Friday

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So, this is that time of the year again. Not the time when Easter has arrived, but when you waiting for Easter as it is about to arrive. Easter doesn’t always fall on the same date and this is what makes it exciting to wonder when is Easter and Good Friday this year.

One reason why people so eagerly wait for Easter weekend is because it bring a long holiday weekend that includes Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. Although Easter is not here yet, the celebrations have begun with Easter eggs and decorations already appearing in the market. This indicates that the holidays are around.

When is Easter in 2017?

Here are the 2017 dates for Easter weekend.

Good Friday: April 14

Easter Sunday: April 16

Easter Monday: April 17

This is going to be one of the longest weekend holidays of the year. I bet everyone is waiting for it.

It is natural to wonder why Easter keeps changing date every year. Let me tell you why. Easter always falls two days after Good Friday, the day when Jesus was crucified. Easter comes on Sunday when Jesus rose back from dead. Everyone knows that, but no one is sure of the exact dates when this happened. What we know is that Easter day is a Sunday. So, the holy Church decided that the Easter is to be celebrated on the 14th day of the lunar month every year.

This year that day falls on Sunday, 16th April. This is why Easter is also called a moveable feast.

Happy Easter!

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